Move Me Quick finds the best cash buyer for your home and can help you exchange within 2 days.

Life can change quickly and you sometimes need to adapt to these changes just as quick. That is why Move Me Quick are here to help! No matter what the reason, we can help you move in 3 easy steps and offer ongoing support all the way through the process and after the sale.

Complete the form below to receive a no obligation quote on your property and take the steps to sell your property quickly – for cash.

We will help to Move You Quick for any reason

  • ✓ Need for cash - Quick
  • ✓ Need to move - Quick
  • ✓ Repossession
  • ✓ Debt
  • ✓ Divorce
  • ✓ Relocating
  • ✓ Redundancy
  • ✓ Broken Chain
  • ✓ Moving overseas

You don’t even have to move out of the house, you may be able to sell your property and rent it back.

Support all the way through

Why choose us?
We make it simple, stress and hassle free when you move

  • Guaranteed Sale
  • No Chain
  • Solicitors Provided
  • Quick Offer
  • Upfront Cash Advance
  • No Obligation
  • No Legal Fees
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Move Out Time to Suit You